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Reba McEntire and Evenin' Star Boots

"They fit like a glove... on my foot and on my calf"
    Terri L, TX

"unbelievably flexible, the only boot I can truly point my toes in"
    Rhena C, ID

"We received the boots... they are FANTASTIC!! Thank you very much!"
    Meggan C, NY

"The soles are so soft and flexible...It's definitely not like dancing in any other boot"
     Tammy J, TX

"No other boot compares with the comfort of your boots, Thanks!"
    Dwaine J, FL

"Love your boots! I have them in three different colors."
    Gail G, AZ

"I have had your boots for 7 years and now it is time for a new pair. I would not wear any other boot for dancing"
    Kathy P, MO

"Although I don't do a lot of dancing, I do wear your boots everywhere because of the comfortable lightweight fit, THANKS!"
    Tom J, IN

"Wonderful boots... I thank you and my feet thank you. Regular boots were killing my feet. Evenin' Star's are soft and flexible. I can dance for hours at the club now."
     Betty CA

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